MBWS #21

Brendo and Veronica talk about Brock Lesnar’s anti-doping violation, the upcoming WWE draft, Darren Young & Bob Backlund, the Battle Royal on RAW, Dana Brooke and Stephanie McMahon’s fashion issues, John Cena hosting the Espys, the Wyatt compound fight, the Cruiserweight Classic, and more.  They also go over the Battleground card.  Thanks for listening!

MBWS #20

Brendo and Veronica are joined by Matt Benson as he makes his triumphant return to MBWS.  They talk about Benson’s hiatus from watching wrestling, Benson and Brendo’s trip to WrestleMania 31, Apollo Crews, Sheamus, Zach Ryder, the food fight and other weird 4th of July RAW moments, the Cruiserweight Classic, Lucha Underground, the upcoming WWE draft and brand split, The Final Deletion, the returns of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, and lots more.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

MBWS #19

Veronica and Brendo discuss Roman Reigns’ suspension and its repercussions, Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins on Smackdown, the return of The Wyatt Family, more brand split talk, product placement on RAW, Nattie and T.J.’s cats, the return of Sasha Banks, Botchamania, the terrible Shelly Martinez vs. Rebel match, EVOLVE, Paul Heyman, the Cruiserweight Classic, NJPW Dominion, and more.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

MBWS #18

Brendo and Veronica are in Vegas the day after Money In The Bank and they are joined by Veronica’s husband, Jon Steele.  They talk about how much fun they had at the show and all the crazy stuff that happened.  They also talk about Jon’s Roman Reigns shirt, Enzo and Cass, Roman Reigns’ super powers,  Veronica’s correct predictions, people leaving the show early, watching the ring get taken down, the hot T-Mobile Arena crowd, the insanity and logistics of the ladder match, and lots more.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends!

MBWS #17

Veronica and Brendo are super excited for Money in the Bank and their upcoming trip to Vegas to attend it.  They also have their first listener mail since the re-launch of the show.  They talk about RAW, Smackdown, NXT Takeover: The End, the Best of the Super Juniors finals, Total Divas, Veronica’s continuing love for Sami Zayn, Enzo & Big Cass, Dean Ambrose’s jeans, Muhammad Ali, Eva Marie, the upcoming brand split, wrestler skin conditions, and lots more.  Thanks for listening!

MBWS #16

Veronica decides on a favorite wrestler.  She and Brendo also discuss their upcoming trip to Money in the Bank, the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn rivalry, Alberto Del Rio and Paige’s relationship, John Cena’s return, the band split, The Vaudevillains, RAW camera work, The Club, Baron Corbin walking into traffic, and lots more.

MBWS #15

MBWS is back as Brendo is joined by a new co-host, Veronica Steele.  Veronica has never really watched wrestling before watching RAW last week.  She and Brendo talk about her thoughts on the wrestlers, women’s wrestling, announcing, and lots more.  They also discuss Money in the Bank, Total Divas, a little bit of New Japan, and lots more.  We’ll be back every week so tell your friends!

Brendo’s Lucha Underground Recap – 2/3/16

Here we go with what should be another awesome episode of Lucha Underground. I think I was closer to the railing on the balcony for this one so maybe you can see me. Let’s find out! We start off with some clips from Ultima Lucha, including Mil Muertes beating Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship and Black Lotus killing El Dragon Azteca after Dario Cueto told her Azteca murdered her parents. Yeah, that was pretty nuts.

We’re now in the present in the Temple and Prince Puma is working out. Pentagon Jr. comes in and thanks Puma for giving him the opportunity to break the arm of Mil Muertes last week and pleasing his Master. Pentagon says that tonight they will be partners against the Disciples of Death but the next sacrifice to his Master will be Puma. Pentagon says he has zero fear and Puma strikes out at Pentagon. They fight a bit. Puma hits a crazy flip kick on Pentagon and growls in his face. We then cut to the live action in the Temple.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

They edited the crowd chants for Mundo. I think they changed it to “Johnny Zero.” What everyone was chanting was “Johnny Punto.” Punto is spanish slang for pussy, if I remember correctly. It could have also been “puto” which can be a derogatory term for homosexual. So yeah, not really appropriate and I don’t blame them for editing it out. Killshot starts things off with a snapmare but Mundo recovers quickly. Killshot hits a big kick and dodges one from Mundo. Killshot follows up with an enziguri, knocking Mundo to the floor. Killshot then hits a crazy diving moonsault over the ropes and onto Mundo. Mundo responds with a huge spear, stopping Killshot in his tracks. Mundo tosses him in the ring and gets a two count off a pin attempt. Killshot follows up with a rolling cutter but Mundo gets into the ropes. Killshot then goes for a powerbomb but Mundo slips out of it and hits the C4 on Killshot to get a nearfall.

Mundo wastes some time taunting the crowd and getting ready to go for The End of the World. Killshot rolls out of the way before Mundo can even get up on the turnbuckle. Mundo hits a tackle in the corner but Killshot responds by whipping Mundo into the opposite corner. He goes for a corner attack but Mundo is able to counter with a kick. Killshot recovers and hits a dropkick on Mundo in the corner. He then goes up top and hits a shooting star press but Mundo kicks out at the last possible second. Killshot is really establishing himself with this match, win or lose. Killshot goes for a slam but Mundo blocks it and hits Killshot with a knee. Killshot responds with a huge knee of his own and irish whips Mundo. Mundo takes out the ref, Rick Knox. While Knox is recovering in the corner, Mundo counters a Killshot leapfrog with a big kick to the groin and follows it up with a slingshot kick off the ropes. He is then able to hit The End of the World on Killshot and get the three count for the pin.

Johnny gets on the mic after his victory and taunts Mil Muertes. Cage appears on the balcony and says it is good to be back in the Temple. He is 100% healthy, unlike Muertes. He says when Muertes is healed up, he won’t just break Muertes’ arm, he’ll break his entire body. Mundo interrupts Cage, saying Cage isn’t even his league. Cage reminds Mundo that the last time they met, Cage whupped his ass and if Mundo wants to go, they can go right now. Cage gets in the ring and stares down Mundo. Mundo gets out of there in a hurry. Cage turns around and stares down Muertes, who is up on his throne. Mundo then attacks Cage from behind but Cage responds with a huge clothesline and goes for a press slam on Cage but Mundo slips out of it and gets out of there.

When we come back from commercial we get a vignette where Marty the Moth is still holding Sexy Star captive. He says he has brought her something and opens his hands to reveal a butterfly. Sexy turns away in fear. Marty says there is no reason to be afraid, that all this is for her own good. He tells Sexy that his sister says it is almost time for Sexy to fly back to the temple. She won’t be alone, they are coming with her. That was pretty creepy.

We then get a promo featuring the Darewolf, PJ Black. PJ, formerly known as Justin Gabriel in WWE, is shown riding the roads on a motorcycle and then fights some other motorcycle guys. His voiceover says he doesn’t seek money or recognition. He is just looking for his next thrill and he has heard that Lucha Underground is the place to get it. He takes out both of the motorcycle guys and lets out a roar. Pretty badass.

The Mack vs. PJ Black

I don’t think I made it to the edge of the railing yet where the wrestlers walk down the steps and it’s so dark you can’t see the rest of the balcony. You can kind of see me give PJ Black a high five though. I am a huge PJ Black fan, having followed him since his debut on the original NXT and then as part of the Nexus. Benson and I got to see him in some of his first indie matches in EVOLVE during WrestleMania weekend last year and he was awesome. He is a perfect addition to the Lucha Underground roster. Willie Mack is also a big fave of mine as he has been a huge part of the SoCal indie scene for as long as I have been going to shows. I first saw him in Mach 1 in Anaheim where he was champion and have seen him several times since then. He is crazy agile for a big guy and has tons of charisma.

Black gets Mack in a side headlock to start things off. They go into the ropes and Willie hits a hiptoss but Black lands on his feet and hits a kick on Mack. He then gets Mack back in a side headlock. Willie powers out and tosses PJ into the ropes but PJ responds with a big tackle. He hits a nice armdrag on Mack. Mack responds with an armdrag of his own and hits a kick on Black. They both exchange chops. Mack whips PJ in the ropes and they exchange counters but Mack then nails PJ with an enziguri. Mack whips PJ into the corner hard and goes for a corner attack but PJ counters with a double kick out of the corner. PJ goes in to attack a dazed Mack but Mack surprises PJ with a Samoan Drop. He follows this up with a standing moonsault and gets a near fall.

The two exchange punches after getting back on their feet and then some chops. PJ hits a kick and Mack responds in kind. PJ then hits an uppercut and a forearm. He tries for another forearm but Mack grabs him and goes for a German suplex but PJ has it scouted and lands on his feet. PJ tosses Mack in the ropes and then hits a big Blue Thunder Bomb but Mack manages to kick out. PJ follows this up with a springboard moonsault and he gets another near fall. PJ goes up to the top to go for his 450 but Mack rolls out of range. PJ hits a flying forearm into the corner and then goes for a springboard attack but Mack counters this with a stunner and gets a three count. Great finish and a great match. Fantastic debut for PJ Black.

When we come back from the break we get a vignette featuring the newest female on the Lucha Underground roster, Kobra Moon. The excellent luchadora also known as Thunder Rosa on the indies will debut next week! She is pretty awesome!

Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. vs. The Disciples of Death

This is a 3 on 2 handicap match as the Trios champions take on the two biggest stars in Lucha Underground. I cannot understate how over Pentagon is with the Lucha Underground crowd. He also got one of the biggest pops at PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. He is quickly becoming a huge star in the States. The Disciples of Death jump Pentagon and Puma before the bell rings. Puma cleans house and Pentagon then hits a diving attack to the outside on all three Disciples. Puma then hits a crazy shooting star off the top rope to the outside. He and Pentagon argue a bit and the Disciples take advantage, double teaming Puma in the ring. I am not sure which Disciple is which so I will do my best here. Disciple goes after Puma’s mask and tosses him into their corner. The Disciples triple team Puma. El Siniestro Del Muerte goes for a pin on Puma but Pentagon breaks it up. The Disciples respond by triple teaming Pentagon.

SDM hits a suplex on Puma and he and another Disciple hit a double team on Puma. Pentagon comes in and clears the ring. He then hits big slaps on all three Disciples. Puma hits a flying dropkick off the top rope on Trece and he and Pentagon face off again. Trece hits a hanging DDT off the rope on Puma. SDM hits a catapult dropkick on Pentagon, knocking Pentagon to the floor and Barrio Negro then hits a flying attack onto Pentagon. Back in the ring, Puma hits a big piledriver on Trece and then goes up for the 630 splash. Pentagon tags himself in as Puma launches into the air and Pentagon pins Trece after Puma hits the 630.

After the match, the gloves are off between Puma and Pentagon and they go at it. Pentagon hits the Lung Blower on Puma and then goes for the armbreaker.Puma manages to fight out of it. He goes for an enziguri but Pentagon slips out of the ring.

The closing vignette is a big one as we hear an off camera Rey Mysterio talking to the mysterious hooded figure we saw in the final moments of Ultima Lucha. He lowers his hood to reveal that he is Dragon Azteca Jr and that he has inherited the mask of his father. Rey then reveals himself to the camera as we end the show. Awesome!

Brendo’s NXT Recap – 2/3/16

This should be an exciting episode of NXT as Finn Balor will face Apollo Crews in a non-title match.  We start things off with the return of The Vaudevillains.  We haven’t seen these guys in a bit so let’s see what they have to bring to Full Sail.

The Vaudevillains vs. The Hype Bros

I am not sure what Mojo has to do at this point to get over but I personally think this is a good step for him.  He seems to have improved in the ring since teaming up with Ryder.  English starts off against Mojo and Mojo quickly gains control with a splash.  He gets the crowd hyped and tags in Ryder.  Ryder counters a backdrop attempt by English and hits a dropkick.  He goes for a scoop slam and Gotch interferes, distracting Ryder long enough for English to take control.  He hits a kick in the corner and then a splash.  The Vaudevillains are definitely showing a more aggressive side as English tags in Gotch and they hit a series of double team strikes on Ryder.  Gotch goes for a pin but Ryder’s foot is in the ropes.  He nails Ryder with a strike and goes for another pin attempt, barely getting a two count.

We get some quick tags between Gotch and English as they maintain control.  They go for a double backdrop and Ryder is able to counter taking down English with an enziguri and kicking Gotch in the gut.  This creates some space and Ryder is able to make the hot tag to Mojo, who quickly takes down Gotch with a face slam.  He then hits a splash in the corner.  Mojo goes for another one but he misses.  Ryder is able to tag in. English attempts to interfere but Ryder nails him with a forearm.  He then hits a dropkick on Gotch and goes for a Broski Boot but English pulls Gotch out of the way.  Gotch tags in English and hits an uppercut on Ryder followed by English hitting the Whirling Dervish and getting the pinfall.  The Vaudevillains definitely looked strong here, showing a more aggressive heelish side that we haven’t seen from them in quite some time.  We’ll see where this goes.

We are shown some highlights from the Women’s #1 Contender Battle Royale 3 weeks ago featuring Asuka being eliminated by Eva Marie and Carmella eliminating Eva to win the match and becoming the #1 contender.  Tom Phillips interviews Carmella about her win.  She talks about how wrestling is in her blood. Her dad was a wrestler in the 90’s.  He was even a jobber in the WWE.  Tom asks if her friendship with Bayley is going to be affected by the championship match and Carmella says nothing will change that friendship.  They both understand what is important and why they are here.  Tonight Carmella will take on Emma.  She says tonight she will prove why she deserves to be the #1 contender and why she will be the next NXT Women’s champion.  This was a good spotlight on Carmella.

When we come back from break, Dash and Dawson are interviewed backstage.  They talk about how they beat Enzo and Cass in London.  Enzo and Cass can talk all they want but they’ll never beat them.  They’ve beat every tag team in NXT, including the Ascension, and are on their way to becoming the greatest NXT tag team of all time.  They’re happy to give Enzo and Cass another shot at the title but it will have the same result as always.  Pretty good stuff here from the champs.

Carmella vs. Emma

Emma is accompanied to the ring by Dana Brooke.  Emma talks some trash before the bell.  They go back and forth a bit after locking up but Emma gets a little cocky and Carmella slams her face first into the mat when Emma has her back turned.  Emma is able to counter a corner attack by Carmella and takes control.  She gets Carmella in a stretch hold and Dana cheers her on.  She turns the stretch into a pin attempt and gets a two count.  Carmella counters an Emma choke attempt with a monkey flip and then slams Emma into the turnbuckle.  She hits a headscissors off the second rope and then connects with the Bronco Buster in the corner.  Carmella goes for her submission but Emma is able to counter by grabbing Carmella’s hair and slamming her to the mat.  She then hits a series of shoulder tackles on Carmella into the corner.  Emma tries to follow up with a double underhook suplex but Carmella counters with a backslide and gets the three count.  This was a pretty good match and helps build Carmella’s momentum going into her big championship match with Bayley next week.

We are shown clips of the controversial #1 contender’s triple threat match from last week where Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe both had Baron Corbin in a submission hold when Baron tapped.  Regal is supposed to make a decision regarding who will be #1 contender tonight.  Both Joe and Sami are asked about the finish.  Sami believes he is the winner but it is up to Regal.  Joe threatens the cameraman and walks off.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. ???

Before the match Enzo and Cass give a good promo to hype up the crowd.  They never said the names of the guys Enzo and Cass destroyed.  This was your pretty standard squash match.  Cass tossed Enzo onto one of the jobbers to get the win.  These guys are definitely at their best when they are chasing the titles but it seems like it might be time for them to either finally win the belts or move on to bigger things on the Main Roster.

Apollo Crews gives a promo backstage saying tonight is his night to prove himself.  It is his night to prove that he has what it takes to become NXT Champion.  We are then told we will hear from William Regal and his decision regarding last week’s triple threat match next.  When we come back Regal says there will be a rematch.  Corbin interrupts and says there better be a rematch.  Regal says the one thing that was 100% certain is that Corbin lost, so he won’t be in the rematch.  Corbin says Regal is a joke and leaves in a huff.  Regal tells us there will be a rematch between Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn to determine the #1 contender.  I’m down with that.

Asuka vs. Santana Garrett

Nice to see Santana in an NXT ring.  She is a veteran on the indies and also has appeared in TNA and Global Force Wrestling.  Santana hits Asuka with a series of forearms out of the lockup but Asuka just seems to enjoy them.  She hits Santana with a hip attack followed by a series of kicks.  Santana dodges a big roundhouse from Asuka but Asuka follows up with a huge overhand punch.  Asuka then goes for a running kick to the head on a prone Santana but Santana counters with a rollup and gets a two count.  Santana takes control and hits a big side Russian legsweep, getting another near fall.  She then gets Asuka in an arm lock submission.  Asuka counters by going for a leglock but Santana manages to get out of it.  Santana hits the ropes and Asuka catches her in an armbar.  Santana attempts to power out but Asuka turns it into the Asuka Lock and gets the submission victory.  This was a really great showing by both Garrett and Asuka.  Garrett got quite a bit of offense in but Asuka was just too much for her and continues to look unstoppable.

Finn Balor is interviewed backstage.  He discusses last week’s triple threat match.  He says Regal made the right decision by letting Joe and Sami have a rematch and settle things in the ring.  He says that what should have happened in his previous match with Crews will happen tonight because he is the best.  Good interview here by Balor and he does a good job showing the confidence of a champion.

Apollo Crews vs. Finn Balor (Non-Title Match)

I am a huge fan of both of these guys so I am definitely hyped for this.    The two shake hands to start things off.  We get some good chain wrestling as Balor maintains control with a series of takedowns.  Balor keeps Apollo on the ground with a headlock.  Apollo manages to turn it over into a pin multiple times but the best he can get is a two count.  Apollo finally gets Balor into the corner and Balor has to break the hold.  Apollo gets Balor in a headlock of his own but Balor reverses it and gets Apollo back on the mat.  Apollo powers out and whips Balor into the ropes.  Apollo follows this up with big dropkick, sending Balor out of the ring.  Balor is on the ramp as we go to break.

When we come back Apollo has Balor in a headlock in the ring, firmly in control.  Balor powers out and irish whips Apollo.  Apollo counters with a sunset flip but Balor counters with a dropkick and goes for the cover.  He gets a one count and quickly follows up with an armbar on Crews.  Crews powers Balor into the corner and gets a break.  Balor hits some quick strikes and a big kick. He goes for a pin and gets a two count.  He stays right on Crews, hitting some chops in the corner.  He then hits a snapmare and goes for another pin, getting another two count.  Balor again stays right on Crews, getting him back in armbar.Crews finally powers out and whips Balor into the corner.  Balor hits a kick on a charging Crews but Crews responds with a series of clotheslines.  He then hits a big splash in the corner.  Finn recovers and goes for an attack on the apron but Crews counters with a big clothesline and Finn goes to the outside.  Crews goes for flip attack off the apron but Balor gets out of the way.  Crews anticipates this and lands on his feet on the ramp.  Finn is already back in the ring and hits a big dive over the top rope on Crews.  That was pretty awesome.

Finn tosses Crews back in the ring and goes up to the top rope for the Coup De Grace.  He connects right on the back of the head of Crews and goes for the pin but Crews kicks out at the last second.  Finn goes for a DDT but Crews counters by tackling Finn to the mat.  He then hits a Samoan Drop and gets a two count on the pin attempt.  Crews goes for an Enziguri but Balor sniffs it out and hits a Sling Blade on Crews.  Apollo recovers in the corner, showing some fire, and hits Crews with a big boot.  He then hits a huge Gorilla Press slam followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall.  Crews goes for his toss powerbomb finisher but Balor counters with an enziguri and follows it up with another Sling Blade.  He then hits the dropkick into the corner and the Coup De Grace.  Instead of going for the cover Balor hits a big brain buster and then gets the three count.

This was a great match and both of these guys looked pretty amazing.  Balor and Apollo shake hands and hug after the match, showing some great sportsmanship.  In two weeks we’ll find out who is the number one contender as Samoa Joe will face off with Sami Zayn.  So much great stuff going on in NXT!  This was another great episode!