Matt and Brendo’s Wrestling Show #2 – Wrestlemania Preview and MWE Highlights

Matt and Brendo do a run down of the Wrestlemania 29 card, giving their thoughts and predictions on all the matches.  They also briefly discuss TNA goings on as well as Ring of Honor.  Most of their time is spent discussing the Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment show they went to during WonderCon weekend.  They interviewed a few of the wrestlers as well as the promoter and ring announcer.  The guys also interviewed webcomic artist and fellow wrestling fan Jon Esparza at his table at Wondercon.  Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Matt and Brendo’s Wrestling Show #2 – Wrestlemania Preview and MWE Highlights

  1. Heather Lynn

    So which one of you wants to get beat up during an interview, because next show I’m going to make your dream come true since you did not bring up the First Lady of MWE, me, Heather Lynn. I am with the “Main Event” James Morgan and I expect to be treated as such. I expect to have words with you two April 20…
    Heather Lynn

    1. Matt Benson

      I told my idiot co-host that we needed to talk about how MWE was so fortunate to have such a beautiful and talented woman as their First Lady, but he just kept saying he would edit it out (I let him handle the tech stuff so he can feel like he’s contributing). He’s got a lot of problems with respect that I think you and James “Main Event” Morgan can help him with.


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