MBWS Extra – Wrestlemania 29 Commentary

For those of you who wanted to hear us on commentary during Wrestlemania 29 instead of the well qualified announce team, your wish has been granted.  There’s instructions on how to sync us to the show during the intro but if you can’t figure out what we’re trying to tell you, pause Wrestlemania when the “Forever” of “Then, Now, and Forever” pops up during the WWE intro.  Then press play when we tell you to.  Then enjoy 4 hours of semi-boredom and semi-hilarity.  We would also like to thank Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels for the awesome intro!

2 thoughts on “MBWS Extra – Wrestlemania 29 Commentary

  1. steve espinoza

    hey guys listening to your WM29 commentary only a couple of things to add. Cena did do a run in UPW cus I remember channel 13 KCOP doing a story on him and a couple young guys who were in the WWF’s developmental system at the time. Shortly after that Cena got a part on the UPN reality game show “Manhunt”. And the powdery substance on HHH’s body was water that CO2 froze on him during his entrance, when he pours more water on himself when he gets to the ring it instantly evaporates, trips later tweeted the burns he ended up with after the match. Keep up the goo work guys.

  2. brendoman Post author

    Hey Steve. Thanks for the feedback. I mentioned the UPN show in a previous episode, just didn’t know the title. That is crazy about Trips.


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