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Brendo’s Lucha Underground Recap – 2/3/16

Here we go with what should be another awesome episode of Lucha Underground. I think I was closer to the railing on the balcony for this one so maybe you can see me. Let’s find out! We start off with some clips from Ultima Lucha, including Mil Muertes beating Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship and Black Lotus killing El Dragon Azteca after Dario Cueto told her Azteca murdered her parents. Yeah, that was pretty nuts.

We’re now in the present in the Temple and Prince Puma is working out. Pentagon Jr. comes in and thanks Puma for giving him the opportunity to break the arm of Mil Muertes last week and pleasing his Master. Pentagon says that tonight they will be partners against the Disciples of Death but the next sacrifice to his Master will be Puma. Pentagon says he has zero fear and Puma strikes out at Pentagon. They fight a bit. Puma hits a crazy flip kick on Pentagon and growls in his face. We then cut to the live action in the Temple.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

They edited the crowd chants for Mundo. I think they changed it to “Johnny Zero.” What everyone was chanting was “Johnny Punto.” Punto is spanish slang for pussy, if I remember correctly. It could have also been “puto” which can be a derogatory term for homosexual. So yeah, not really appropriate and I don’t blame them for editing it out. Killshot starts things off with a snapmare but Mundo recovers quickly. Killshot hits a big kick and dodges one from Mundo. Killshot follows up with an enziguri, knocking Mundo to the floor. Killshot then hits a crazy diving moonsault over the ropes and onto Mundo. Mundo responds with a huge spear, stopping Killshot in his tracks. Mundo tosses him in the ring and gets a two count off a pin attempt. Killshot follows up with a rolling cutter but Mundo gets into the ropes. Killshot then goes for a powerbomb but Mundo slips out of it and hits the C4 on Killshot to get a nearfall.

Mundo wastes some time taunting the crowd and getting ready to go for The End of the World. Killshot rolls out of the way before Mundo can even get up on the turnbuckle. Mundo hits a tackle in the corner but Killshot responds by whipping Mundo into the opposite corner. He goes for a corner attack but Mundo is able to counter with a kick. Killshot recovers and hits a dropkick on Mundo in the corner. He then goes up top and hits a shooting star press but Mundo kicks out at the last possible second. Killshot is really establishing himself with this match, win or lose. Killshot goes for a slam but Mundo blocks it and hits Killshot with a knee. Killshot responds with a huge knee of his own and irish whips Mundo. Mundo takes out the ref, Rick Knox. While Knox is recovering in the corner, Mundo counters a Killshot leapfrog with a big kick to the groin and follows it up with a slingshot kick off the ropes. He is then able to hit The End of the World on Killshot and get the three count for the pin.

Johnny gets on the mic after his victory and taunts Mil Muertes. Cage appears on the balcony and says it is good to be back in the Temple. He is 100% healthy, unlike Muertes. He says when Muertes is healed up, he won’t just break Muertes’ arm, he’ll break his entire body. Mundo interrupts Cage, saying Cage isn’t even his league. Cage reminds Mundo that the last time they met, Cage whupped his ass and if Mundo wants to go, they can go right now. Cage gets in the ring and stares down Mundo. Mundo gets out of there in a hurry. Cage turns around and stares down Muertes, who is up on his throne. Mundo then attacks Cage from behind but Cage responds with a huge clothesline and goes for a press slam on Cage but Mundo slips out of it and gets out of there.

When we come back from commercial we get a vignette where Marty the Moth is still holding Sexy Star captive. He says he has brought her something and opens his hands to reveal a butterfly. Sexy turns away in fear. Marty says there is no reason to be afraid, that all this is for her own good. He tells Sexy that his sister says it is almost time for Sexy to fly back to the temple. She won’t be alone, they are coming with her. That was pretty creepy.

We then get a promo featuring the Darewolf, PJ Black. PJ, formerly known as Justin Gabriel in WWE, is shown riding the roads on a motorcycle and then fights some other motorcycle guys. His voiceover says he doesn’t seek money or recognition. He is just looking for his next thrill and he has heard that Lucha Underground is the place to get it. He takes out both of the motorcycle guys and lets out a roar. Pretty badass.

The Mack vs. PJ Black

I don’t think I made it to the edge of the railing yet where the wrestlers walk down the steps and it’s so dark you can’t see the rest of the balcony. You can kind of see me give PJ Black a high five though. I am a huge PJ Black fan, having followed him since his debut on the original NXT and then as part of the Nexus. Benson and I got to see him in some of his first indie matches in EVOLVE during WrestleMania weekend last year and he was awesome. He is a perfect addition to the Lucha Underground roster. Willie Mack is also a big fave of mine as he has been a huge part of the SoCal indie scene for as long as I have been going to shows. I first saw him in Mach 1 in Anaheim where he was champion and have seen him several times since then. He is crazy agile for a big guy and has tons of charisma.

Black gets Mack in a side headlock to start things off. They go into the ropes and Willie hits a hiptoss but Black lands on his feet and hits a kick on Mack. He then gets Mack back in a side headlock. Willie powers out and tosses PJ into the ropes but PJ responds with a big tackle. He hits a nice armdrag on Mack. Mack responds with an armdrag of his own and hits a kick on Black. They both exchange chops. Mack whips PJ in the ropes and they exchange counters but Mack then nails PJ with an enziguri. Mack whips PJ into the corner hard and goes for a corner attack but PJ counters with a double kick out of the corner. PJ goes in to attack a dazed Mack but Mack surprises PJ with a Samoan Drop. He follows this up with a standing moonsault and gets a near fall.

The two exchange punches after getting back on their feet and then some chops. PJ hits a kick and Mack responds in kind. PJ then hits an uppercut and a forearm. He tries for another forearm but Mack grabs him and goes for a German suplex but PJ has it scouted and lands on his feet. PJ tosses Mack in the ropes and then hits a big Blue Thunder Bomb but Mack manages to kick out. PJ follows this up with a springboard moonsault and he gets another near fall. PJ goes up to the top to go for his 450 but Mack rolls out of range. PJ hits a flying forearm into the corner and then goes for a springboard attack but Mack counters this with a stunner and gets a three count. Great finish and a great match. Fantastic debut for PJ Black.

When we come back from the break we get a vignette featuring the newest female on the Lucha Underground roster, Kobra Moon. The excellent luchadora also known as Thunder Rosa on the indies will debut next week! She is pretty awesome!

Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. vs. The Disciples of Death

This is a 3 on 2 handicap match as the Trios champions take on the two biggest stars in Lucha Underground. I cannot understate how over Pentagon is with the Lucha Underground crowd. He also got one of the biggest pops at PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. He is quickly becoming a huge star in the States. The Disciples of Death jump Pentagon and Puma before the bell rings. Puma cleans house and Pentagon then hits a diving attack to the outside on all three Disciples. Puma then hits a crazy shooting star off the top rope to the outside. He and Pentagon argue a bit and the Disciples take advantage, double teaming Puma in the ring. I am not sure which Disciple is which so I will do my best here. Disciple goes after Puma’s mask and tosses him into their corner. The Disciples triple team Puma. El Siniestro Del Muerte goes for a pin on Puma but Pentagon breaks it up. The Disciples respond by triple teaming Pentagon.

SDM hits a suplex on Puma and he and another Disciple hit a double team on Puma. Pentagon comes in and clears the ring. He then hits big slaps on all three Disciples. Puma hits a flying dropkick off the top rope on Trece and he and Pentagon face off again. Trece hits a hanging DDT off the rope on Puma. SDM hits a catapult dropkick on Pentagon, knocking Pentagon to the floor and Barrio Negro then hits a flying attack onto Pentagon. Back in the ring, Puma hits a big piledriver on Trece and then goes up for the 630 splash. Pentagon tags himself in as Puma launches into the air and Pentagon pins Trece after Puma hits the 630.

After the match, the gloves are off between Puma and Pentagon and they go at it. Pentagon hits the Lung Blower on Puma and then goes for the armbreaker.Puma manages to fight out of it. He goes for an enziguri but Pentagon slips out of the ring.

The closing vignette is a big one as we hear an off camera Rey Mysterio talking to the mysterious hooded figure we saw in the final moments of Ultima Lucha. He lowers his hood to reveal that he is Dragon Azteca Jr and that he has inherited the mask of his father. Rey then reveals himself to the camera as we end the show. Awesome!

Brendo’s Lucha Underground Recap – 1/27/16

It’s the Season 2 premiere of Lucha Underground!  I was at the taping for this episode.  This was one of quite a few tapings where I stood in the balcony.  For most of these episodes I was right on the railing but for this episode I was behind a row of people because the balcony was so packed and I didn’t know how necessary it was to line up early to get a good spot.  Going to the tapings this season at the Temple in Boyle Heights has been amazing.  It’s some of the best wrestling I’ve seen live and the energy of the crowd is awesome.  It definitely requires a lot of patience as you have to stand in line to get into the lot, then stand in line to check in, then stand in another line to get your seat assignment, then stand in line again until they let you in to the Temple.  It’s a lot of hours of standing in line, but like I said, it’s worth it.

The first set of tapings was a bit rough as I then stood up in the balcony for the whole show.  That’s a lot of hours on your feet but it was an amazing experience. At the audience tapings they only film the matches and the in-ring promos.  We aren’t shown the vignettes and unless you are sitting in the section behind Striker and Vampiro, you can’t hear the commentary.  Vampiro would come out occasionally and tells us a few things about what was going on, such as the fact that Dario Cueto was missing and that Catrina was now in charge of the Temple.  Where there was once a band, a throne has been erected for the Lucha Underground Champion, Mil Muertes.  Let’s get to the show!

We start off with a shot of Vampiro.  But this is not Vampiro.  It’s Ian Hodgkinson.  He is in a psychiatric hospital.  A doctor asks him if he knows what day it is.  Ian says graduation day.  He has flashbacks to the match with Pentagon.  The doctor asks if he is having hallucinations and violent thoughts.  Ian says they are all gone.  The doctor gives him an anti-psychotic medication and says he must avoid the people and places that trigger his violent impulses.  Ian/Vampiro then attacks the doctor and smashes his head into the table.  He then bites the doctor.  We then discover this was a hallucination and Ian tells the doctor he can do what he asks.  Striker picks up Vampiro and they head to the Temple.  Striker says the Temple is a much darker place now.  These vignettes are nuts and awesome.

Next we’re in Catrina’s new office.  Fenix enters, holding the Gift of the Gods championship.  He says he is back for Mil Muertes and the title.  Catrina says as the new ruler of the temple she will make him wait until next week, but this week he will face King Cuerno with the Gift of the Gods Championship on the line.  Mil Muertes is seated on his throne and will be watching.  Vampiro and Striker welcome us back to the Temple!

King Cuerno vs. Fenix

It’s really dark in the Temple for these episodes and since I was in the back I don’t think I’m really visible.  Cuerno and Fenix exchange armdrags.  Some great chain wrestling and Fenix nails a standing moonsault for a two count.  Fenix goes for a dive but Cuerno catches him and nails him with a DDT to the outside from the floor.  Cuerno gets back in the ring and nails him with his big spear dive.  Cuerno drags Fenix inside and gets a two count.  He hits Fenix with a stiff kick.  Fenix hits a slingshot dropkick and then walks the ropes and nails him with a headscissors. He then hits his slingshot cutter off the ropes and Cuerno gets out of the ring.  Fenix hits an amazing corkscrew plancha to the outside.  The crowd is going nuts.  Fenix hits a big kick to Cuerno in the corner.  Cuerno responds with a huge diving punch.  Fenix then nails Cuerno with a superkick but can’t capitalize as Cuerno nails him with a jumping sidekick.

Both men are down but Cuerno is the first to get up.  He irish whips Fenix but Fenix counters with another slingshot cutter and then gets Fenix in a headlock submission.  Cuerno gets out of it and gets Fenix in a bow and arrow submission but Fenix powers out.  He hits a huge stomp off the top rope onto Cuerno and gets a near fall.  Fenix hits a series of kicks and strikes but Cuerno counters with Thrill of the Hunt for a near fall of his own.  Cuerno charges into the corner but Fenix counters with a huge kick.  He springs off the ropes and misses a 450 onto Cuerno.  Cuerno scoops up Fenix and hits a new crazy piledriver finisher and gets the pin to win the Gift of the Gods championship.  This match was amazing and super fast paced.

We see the former Trios Champions Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc arrive at the temple as we cut to commercial.  Catrina tells them that Mil Muertes wants to see them face each other and that whoever wins the match will face Mil Muertes for the title tonight.  Ivelisse accepts the challenge and says that when she wins the championship she’s coming for Catrina.

Catrina comes to the ring and beckons for Melissa.  She whispers in Melissa’s ear and Melissa then announces the next match.

Son of Havoc vs. Angelico vs. Ivelisse (#1 Contenders Match)

I freaking love Angelico.  I was so happy I got to see him at PWG and here in Lucha Underground.  He was injured in January and had to miss the last part of the season but he  is here for now and that is awesome to see.  Before we go to commercial we cut to a quick vignette where Catrina congratulates Cuerno backstage.  He tells Catrina she has nothing to worry about and neither does Mil.  When we come back from commercial the bell rings and the action starts fast and furious.  Havoc wants the three to do a test of strength but Angelico jokes around with Ivelisse and gets a big kick by her for his troubles.  Angelico goes for a corner dive on Havoc but Havoc gets out of the way and Angelico nails Ivelisse instead.  Back and forth between Angelico and Havoc.  Angelico goes after Ivelisse in the corner but Havoc grabs Angelico from behind and Ivelisse nails Angelico with a top rope dive.  She then brawls with Havoc and nails him with a series of kicks.

Angelico nails a splash on Havoc but Ivelisse nails Angelico with an enziguri. Angelico gets tossed to the outside by Havoc and Havoc nails a suicide dive on Angelico.  He then nails a diving attack on Ivelisse on the other side of the floor.  He throws Angelico back in the ring and hits some strikes followed by a standing moonsault.  He gets a two count on the pin attempt.  Ivelisse mounts a comeback hitting some big attacks on Angelico but Angelico regains control and tosses Ivelisse to the outside.  Havoc nails Angelico with a series of strikes. He goes for a top rope attack on Angelico but before he can do that Ivelisse trips Havoc up on the turnbuckle and he goes down hard.  With Havoc out of action she focuses her attention on Angelico and manages to roll him up and get the three count.  Ivelisse will face Mil Muertes for the title tonight!

The next vignette starts with three random dudes in a car stopped somewhere trying to find an underground fight club. Black Lotus approaches their car and asks if they are lost.  The guys tell her they are looking for an underground fight club that they were told about and Lotus tells them to come with her. When we come back from commercial Mil Muertes descends from his throne to face Ivelisse and defend his title.

Ivelisse vs. Mil Muertes (Lucha Underground Championship Match)

Catrina accompanies Mil Muertes to the ring and summons the Disciples of Death, who take out Angelico and Son of Havoc while Catrina and Mil Muertes restrain Ivelisse.  The Disciples of Death carry Angelico and Son of Havoc out of the Temple.  The bell rings and Mil Muertes slams Ivelisse to the mat with one hand.  Ivelisse responds with a series of kicks and strikes that do nothing to Muertes.  Muertes nails Ivelisse with a backbreaker.  He then slams her into the turnbuckle head first.  Ivelisse attempts to mount a comeback with a series of punches but Muertes tosses her clear across the ring by her head.  He kicks her in the midsection, toying with her.  Ivelisse manages to get Muertes in a choke but Muertes powers out.  He slams Ivelisse to the ground.

Ivelisse attempts a triangle hold but Muertes powers through and pins her to the mat for a two count.  He whips Ivelisse into the ropes and Ivelisse manages to get Muertes in a rope assisted armbar but Muertes again powers out of it and tosses Ivelisse to the outside. Ivelisse surprises Muertes with a big top rope spinning DDT and gets a two count.  Catrina enters the ring and gets in Ivelisse’s face with the stone of power.  Muertes tries to capitalize on the distraction and goes for a spear but Ivelisse gets out of the way and Muertes nails Catrina.  Ivelisse then pins Muertes with a schoolboy and gets a near fall.  I really thought she had it there.  Great storytelling here.  Muertes comes back with a huge slam and gets the three count for the pin.  

Catrina goes for the lick of death but slams Ivelisse back to the mat instead and calls for Muertes to punish her some more.  Puma comes in for the save and gets Ivelisse out of the ring.  Pentagon comes from behind, hits Cuerno with the backstabber and then snaps his arm with the armbreaker.  Pentagon stands tall as the injured Cuerno is assisted away by Catrina.

The final vignette has Black Lotus approaching a building with the three guys who were in the car.  Dario Cueto is standing outside.  Black Lotus tells Cueto that the guys are looking for some underground fighting.  Cueto warns them that it can get kind of violent inside.  The leader of the guys says he doesn’t buy it and asks why “the chick” is here.  Lotus responds by smashing his face with an elbow.  One of the other guys says they love violence and Cueto says the admission is $20.  They pay Cueto and Cueto uses the key around his neck to open the building. As they go inside, the random guy asks Cueto who’s fighting tonight.  Cueto tells him that they are as he closes the door and we hear screams.

This was an awesome first episode and as great as the in-ring action is, the vignettes really add so much to the overall storytelling.  They’re what make this show unique.  My biggest observation from being in the Temple for this is that Pentagon Jr. was by far the most over wrestler pretty much any time he came out.  This first appearance was no exception as the crowd went nuts.  Expect more great things to come as this season is just getting started!